Last Days of Summer ... To be honest Portugal deserves the title: Endless Summer!

It is late September and we are finally in our summer holidays. Portugal. The wild Atlantic west coast. We live in a small village called Fontanelas that kept a lot of its nativeness, even though it is so close to the capitol Lisbon and the tourist magnet Sintra. 

Raw wind, raw waves, salty lips, sun and lonely beaches just for us. The Atlantic is just 700m and 236 steps away. Even though it is almost October the weather is beautiful.   

Our host for 6 days is Tim and his three dogs. An expat from Hamburg who is always there for a small talk or good tips for the closer area.

 Streets of fontanelas
 Dog at the poolside

First walk to the beach

We started with best weather - sunny, no clouds, perfection. And just a few meters before we arrived at the cliff coast we found ourself in a surreal foggy world. A mix of sun and fog. Afterwards Tim told us that there was not enough wind to blow the clouds away ... Surreal and beautiful. Directly at the coast we found the ruin of a Café: Vende se. For sale. 

 portrait read hair woman
 Black and White portrait of a woman in the fog
 View from above on Praia da Aguda
 Stairway down to praia da aged
 Stairs at Praia da Aguda

Praia da Aguda

No idea if it is the season, the area or the weather. Or all of it. But we are (almost) alone at this beautiful spot. Sometimes in the sun, sometimes in clouds. 

 Woman walking on the beach
 Seaweed at the beach of Praia da Aguda
 Portrait of a red-haired woman at the beach
 Portrait of a bearded man on the beach
 Landscape of Praia da Aguda, Fontanelas